Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important right of everyone, we have considered the great importance to the protection of users' personal information and privacy. Before using FaceKnows websites, APPS, and small programs, please be sure to read and thoroughly understand the Privacy Policy. Through this Privacy Policy, we wish to explain to you how we collect, use, store, share and transfer this information when you use this products and services, and how we access, update, delete and protect it for you. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should ensure that your guardian reads and agrees to this policy before you use and provide us with your personal information.

Introduction to FaceKnows

Facknows is a software product and service that helps users quickly share digital assets, including but not limited to photos, videos, files, and more, including personal image products that intelligently manage albums, including upload, share, favorite, download, back up and view, and create albums, video production, and playback. To better protect your personal information, please read and fully understand this policy before using FaceKnows products and services. By using or continuing to use FaceKnows products and services, you consent to our processing of your information in accordance with this policy. Once you agree to provide your personal information, we will process your personal information for the purposes and manner described in this policy. We use your personal information for the purpose of implementing functions FaceKnows to products and services. You have the right to refuse to provide us with personal information, but your refusal to collect and use this information may affect your use of the features

Personal data we collect

We collect and use your personal and sensitive information for specific purposes as outlined in this policy:

Your Selfie Information: By utilizing FaceKnows, please be informed that we will employ your selfie information to identify and match photos in which you have appeared.

Device and Log Information: Basic information such as search keywords, album details, IP address, browser type, language, hardware device details, operating system version, network operator information, date, time, and duration are recorded to ensure the proper functioning of our software and services.

Account Registration Information: When you register for a FaceKnows account, you provide your mobile phone number, which serves as your registered account number. Additional details include an automatically generated username, nickname, default profile picture, and optional information like name and email.

Share Photos and Receive Photos: Authorization is sought to obtain, analyze, and extract identifiable avatars from photos and videos for the purpose of providing sharing and receiving services. Users can choose to share or receive photos, and the analysis is based on profile picture information

Communicate with You: We may use collected information to communicate directly with you, such as notifying you of new photos, detecting suspicious activities, or informing you about changes or improvements to FaceKnows.

How we use personal data

Sharing: Personal information is not shared with third parties without prior authorization. Shared information may include registration details, device information, and location information.

Advertising: Personal information is not shared with advertising service providers without authorization. Anonymous user portraits may be shared for improving ad effectiveness without personally identifying users.

Transfer: Personal information is not transferred unless express authorization is obtained or required by law. In the event of mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, information may be transferred with confidentiality ensured.

Public Disclosure: Personal information is publicly disclosed only with express consent or as required by laws and regulations.

How We Store and Protect Your Personal Information

Duration of Preservation: Your personal information, photos, and digital data are stored during your use of FaceKnows products and services. Deletion occurs upon account cancellation or voluntary data removal, adhering to relevant laws and regulations.

Preservation Geography: Personal information is stored within the United States. Cross-border data transfer follows strict legal compliance and security measures.

Security Measures: Industry-proven security standards and specifications are employed to collect, use, store, and transmit user information. Encryption, security technologies, and procedures are implemented to protect against loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, destruction, and disclosure

How to Contact Us

For questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via:

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